Attacking Tuberculosis with Prof. Bryan Bryson

We are excited to present our interview with Prof. Bryan Bryson, Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT. Prof. Bryson is challenging the dogma of active and latent tuberculosis. His work suggests that every patient’s immune cells (macrophages) will vary in their capacity to control disease. He seeks to understand what specific mechanisms lead to tuberculosis extermination in order to develop new drugs and vaccines.

This episode is a collaboration with Early Career Dialogues at MIT. Prof. Bryson is a panelist on “Crossing Boundaries: Life of a Multidisciplinary Academic” on February 25th, 2019 at 4:15 in MIT Building 46-3310. The GLiMPSE team will be there, stop by and say hi! Please check out the Early Career Dialogues website (below) for additional information and future events. Stay tuned for more collaborative efforts!

Episode by Alex Albanese

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