Alex Albanese

Alexandre Albanese is the founder and a producer of GLiMPSE podcast.  His goal is to provide a peek into the science and the people working at MIT. Alex is currently a postdoc in Kwanghun Chung’s group where he grows, engineers, and 3D-images lab grown  mini brains. Alex also loves to take pictures, make music and run along the Charles River. His website.

Timothy Fessenden

Tim Fessenden is a co-producer and social media coordinator at GLiMPSE podcast. He loves meeting researchers across different academic fields at MIT and the broad concepts that they share. In the lab, Tim studies immune cell migration into and out of tumors using live microscopy as a postdoc in Stefani Spranger’s group. Outside of the lab, you can find him rowing on the Charles, enjoying a beer, or biking around Boston. His Twitter.

Maxwell Robinson

Max Robinson is a co-producer at GLiMPSE podcast.  He applies his curiosity to understand big problems and probe for meaningful solutions.  As a postdoc in Karen Gleason’s lab, Max pairs nanoscale polymer films and machine learning for early disease diagnosis of high-value agricultural crops.  If he’s not poring over a new book or in a spirited discussion, you can find him exploring the city on a long run or perhaps climbing multi-colored plastic rocks. His email.