#7 – The Aging Brain with Dr. Christin Glorioso

Dr. Christin Glorioso is a postdoc in Leonard Guarente’s lab. We discuss how brains age,  nootropics and Pittsburgh!

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This episode was edited with the help of Rasha Srouji.

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2 thoughts on “#7 – The Aging Brain with Dr. Christin Glorioso

  1. The audio isn’t working and I would really like to tune into this. At the moment there is a huge interest in nootropics from the academic and the tech world. We recently held a survey on nootropic use on the University of Amsterdam which showed that the use of nootropics is still prevalent and rising. Our results can be found on our blog at https://sparq.tech I think you barely scratched the surface here.

    1. If you click the link to “subscribe via Android” or iTunes you can get a direct download onto your device.
      Let me know if that works

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