S2E4: Peter Sudmant – Genetics, Aging & Diversity

Peter Sudmant is currently a postdoc in Chris Burge’s lab in the Department of Biology at MIT, where he studies species diversity and aging at different genomic scales. Prior to his arrival in Cambridge, Peter published seminal work with Evan Eichler on human evolution and diversity. This fall he’ll be setting up a lab of his own at the University of California at Berkeley. Tim sat down with Peter to chat about aging, human diversity, and how best to foster public understanding of genetics.

Find out more about Peter’s research here: https://psudmant.bitbucket.io/

Find out about the Burge Lab here: http://genes.mit.edu/burgelab/index.html


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“Over Under”, “Allada”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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